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First Wave Trader is a resource for traders, created by traders.  As traders, we each have different styles, but we have all incorporated methods pioneered by David Elliot (a.k.a First Wave) into our trading methods in one form or another.  Paying tribute to David in our site’s name is done out of respect for a man who embodies much of what we believe makes a successful trader and a successful person:

  • An uncanny sense of markets.
  • An inquisitive nature.  While we cannot yet mimic David’s intuition, we share his spirit for always looking for fresh perspectives, new ideas, and better ways to understand market behavior.  By pursuing our goal with open minds, intellectual rigor, and a playful attitude we find new ways everyday to deepen our understanding and improve our profitability
  • Passion.  Do what you love and you will love what you do.  One doesn’t have to listen to David long to know that he is passionate about trading and about sharing what he’s learned with others.
  • Generosity. 

In that that same spirit, the inquisitive traders at First Wave Trader have created this site to share what we’ve learned and the techniques we have found to be successful.  Much of what you will find at is freely available to those who share our passion for markets.  Some of our indicators and specialty newsletters are provided for a fee to support the work of the individual First Wave Trader members who work hard to provide a constant stream of new ideas to improve our trading.

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    I much enjoy your site and am already learning much as a beginner. I do not see the beginners’ page shown on Bobcat’s videos, when I click on Beginners Resources at the bottom of your home page. Am I missing something? Should I look elsewhere for the beginners’ site? Thanks for all your help.

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    Hello i very happy to be part of fwtrader, i already bought Tema Holy Grail and i am ready to use it, later i want to konw more of this nice product, This indicator is good for make 60 seconds trades on a binary option platform? i am use a binary options too. Thank’s a lot!!!

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    I’ve known David Star for over Five years. Had been loyal user of his daily squawk videos were he analyzes major markets S&P, Dow, Bonds, Euro, Gold using Eliot Waves studies. I’m the proud owner of David’s major software studies FibGrid also known as Voodoo Lines and Voodoo Lines Stock. Always using these too trade. Don’t know what I would do without them. In my experience with David he always helpful answering questions and providing support on studies that he developed and Eliot Wave theory.

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