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11/20/2013 Webinar Recording – Japanese Yen and More

Thumbnail : 11/20/2013 Webinar Recording – Japanese Yen and More

Back in October we looked at a trade setup in the Japanese Yen. We update the trade setup in this webinar and also talk about how reading “the language of the markets” helps to manage trades.
To download this video right-click the download link and save to your computer.

December 19th MotiveWave Webinar Archive

Our December 19th MotiveWave webinar provided an overview of the Elliott wave capabilities of the software. We have a follow-up webinar scheduled for January 9th at 8pm EST to provide some tips and tricks for getting the most out of the  MotiveWave software when managing wave counts. You can register here.
To save the […]

February 15th FibGrid Webinar Archive

Our February 15h FibGrid webinar was much like our February 10th session.  We continued to look at stocks using settings from FibGrid Stock Update. We again reviewed how FibGrid lines are calculated and what they mean and how the grid parameters are identified.
To save the webinar archive, right click the file: 2011-02-10-FibGrid-Stock.nvl and save […]

February 10th Webinar Archive

Our February 10th webinar again looked at using FibGrid for longer-term moves as well as  FibGrid Stock Update.  We reviewed how FibGrid lines are calculated and what they mean and how the grid parameters are identified.  Several folks have told me that this was the best FibGrid session I’ve held, so you may find it […]

February 8th FibGrid Webinar Archive

Our February 8th webinar spent time discussing how to use FibGrid when evaluating longer-term moves.  While these techniques are valuable for any security,  we focused on looking at individual stocks and demonstrating the new FibGrid Stock Update.  We also showed a favorite technique of using FibGrid on the largest Dow stocks to provide early warning and confirmation […]

Partial 1/13 Webinar Recording

NewLadyT1 from TOS Chat has a recording of the first hour of our Webinar from January 13th.  Like the recordings on chartsnchat, this requires either the Camtasia player or the TechSmith video codec installed in order to play.   Since so many of you asked, I’m providing the partial recording here:
Webinar Recording
Thanks again to NewLadyT1!

Trading with FibGrid and StockGrid: Archived Webinar

For a copy of the archived webinar where we discussed trading with FibGrid and StockGrid, right-click the link below and save the file to your computer for later viewing.
It has a number of my thoughts on integrating these tools into a trading system.

Books – Psychology

Ever sit there and just watch a trade go against you?  Do you just sit there ‘hoping’ it will turn around for you?  How about having major fear before pressing the send button to enter a new trade?  Most likely, you need to get in the ‘zone’, in a state of mind that will keep […]

Books – Trading Systems

If you are trading without a system or perhaps you don’t know what a system is, you most likely are not a consistently profitable trader.  Having a system allows you to define your risk, your entry, your exit, and the expectancy of that system.  The following books will help you define your trading system:
Way of […]