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February 8th FibGrid Webinar Archive

Our February 8th webinar spent time discussing how to use FibGrid when evaluating longer-term moves.  While these techniques are valuable for any security,  we focused on looking at individual stocks and demonstrating the new FibGrid Stock Update.  We also showed a favorite technique of using FibGrid on the largest Dow stocks to provide early warning and confirmation of moves in the Dow and Dow futures.

To save the webinar archive, right click the file:  2011-02-08-FibGrid-Stock.nvl and save it to your computer.   The archive can only be viewed with the NetViewer player which you may also download.  The player does not install; simply run it from your computer and once it is running choose “open” from the players menu to replay the webinar.

You can also watch a capture of the webinar in the online viewer below, but you will need a high speed connection and you will not be able to skip forward and backwards like you can with the download version.

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