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Several of us on the First Wave Trader team are experienced software developers in addition to traders.  We’re always looking for ways to combine our interests and come up with new indicators.  However, we always recognize that the trading logic comes first.  That is, we look for patterns in behavior that new indicators might help us spot and then find a way to use software to make the process easier.  We find that this approach works better for us then to start looking for a new indicator to write and see if it happens to help in the markets.  The software and indicators we have available from those of us who develop are listed below.

Voodoo lines

Voodoo Lines uses a combination of Fibonacci calculations based on historically important price levels to predict possible support and resistance levels with uncanny accuracy.  Voodoo Lines works on several different U.S. equity indices, index futures, foreign exchange cross rates, and commodity futures.  You can learn more about Voodoo Lines here.

Price: $997

Gypsy Pivots

Gypsy Pivots isn’t Voodoo Lines for Stocks it’s a completely different way of establishing support and resistance levels.  While FibGrid draws a grid with Fibonacci proportions based on long-term historical Elliott Wave parameters, StockGrid uses more recent price patterns to determine where to place the grid and uncover hidden levels of support and resistance.  Learn more about Gypsy Pivots here.

Price: $397.


DynaRange takes a common pursuit of traders and turns it on its head.  Instead of looking for the beginning of a market move, DynaRange looks for the end.  By waiting until a move is fully established, DynaRange can examine its characteristics and make estimations about how far prices might travel.  So if you’ve already got the perfect system for entries, DynaRange might be able to help you figure out where to take profits.  Of course, the end of a move is also often the start of a move in the opposite direction.  You can learn more about DynaRange here.

Price: $497.

Fisher Stochastics

Fisher Stochastics, one of our favorite turning point indicators is now available for Ninjatrader and tradeStation.  Learn more here.
Price: $297 or
Purchase Fisher Stochastics and TEMA Crossover for $497.

TEMA Crossover

TEMA Crossover is now available for Ninjatrader, eSignal and TradeStation.  It is a trend indicator and can help to keep you in trend when other indicators might advise traders to prematurely exit a trade.  Learn more here.

Price: $297 or
Purchase Fisher Stochastics and TEMA Crossover for $497