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Developer by profession for over twenty years. Developed trading indicators/studies and systems on ThinkorSwim and NinjaTrader platforms. Author and devleoper of the FW_TEMA study, TEMA Holy Grail system, and FWMOBO_Advanced on ThinkorSwim (FWT on Ninja), along with Kirk Johnson. Follower of David Elliott (FW) for several years. I mainly trade options on ThinkOrSwim and futures using NinjaTrader (both manual and auto-trading). Contact:

Twelve Waves of Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the chat.
Not a market was stirring, not even a mouse which sat on a cat.
The stockings were hung by the roster with care,
In hopes that Saint Firstwave soon would be there.
The coders were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of thinkScript studies danced in their heads.
And […]

FirstWave Training Videos

Need to know how to trade the FirstWave Indicators?  Look no further than these videos on CD that will teach you the secrets of these indicators:

Map Pattern
Elliott Flat Waves
Linear Regression 3030

To purchase these CDs, go to the Wallstreet Teacher’s Website.

Books – Psychology

Ever sit there and just watch a trade go against you?  Do you just sit there ‘hoping’ it will turn around for you?  How about having major fear before pressing the send button to enter a new trade?  Most likely, you need to get in the ‘zone’, in a state of mind that will keep […]

Books – Trading Systems

If you are trading without a system or perhaps you don’t know what a system is, you most likely are not a consistently profitable trader.  Having a system allows you to define your risk, your entry, your exit, and the expectancy of that system.  The following books will help you define your trading system:
Way of […]