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Managing Put Ratio Backspreads

I received many positive comments on the video from two weeks ago on Using Put Ratio Backspreads at Possible Market Tops. So I am following up with another video on how to manage those spreads once they’ve been put on.  It covers situations when prices move in the direction that was anticipated and when they go against you.

One of the examples comes from the significant move in gold which fell from a FibGrid fire line, one of the most important levels.  Also this week crude futures fell from a FibGrid fire line.  The importance of these levels was known ahead of time to those with FibGrid and that’s why David Elliott was able to call the top in crude before it happened in his daily emails.  If you don’t already have it, do yourself a favor and check out FibGrid, I wouldn’t plug it so hard if I didn’t think it really enhances trading.

Enough of that, here’s the video:

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In the video I mentioned the Elliott Squawk newsletter service.  You can learn more about it and get a one week free trial here.

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