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Introducing The Complete Elliott Wave Course for Traders

Elliott waves are the most powerful market analysis technique we’ve come across.  At the same time, existing resources for learning about waves are limited.   So we’ve created a new, comprehensive training course on wave theory that is unlike anything we’ve seen before.   Once you master Elliott waves discover powerful techniques to:

  • identify trends;
  • anticipate reversals;
  • avoid areas of chop; and
  • Identify objective criteria to know when a market outlook is wrong.

Our new live, online Elliott wave course will give you all the tools to incorporate these techniques into your trading.

Why Create Another Elliott Wave Program?

Many people ask us what resources we recommend to learn Elliott waves. There are many excellent sources  of information and that is where we turned to when we began our education.  However, we were forced to learn many things on our own and our experience isn’t unique.   Over the years, we have heard a number of complaints from students of the traditional approaches:

  • “I learned all the rules, but didn’t know what to do next.”
  • “even after figuring out how to count waves, I never know the right time to place a trade.”
  • “Figuring out all the rules was just too complicated.”

Therefore, we never could come up with a single book or program to recommend.  However, we have also heard from a subscriber to our Elliott Squawk subscribers, “I have subscribed to [another Elliott wave newsletter] for years and never really understood it until now.”  In fact, the same sentiment was shared by many Squawk subscribers, so we know that we have a way of teaching the critical concepts in a way that works.  We knew that we had to take it upon ourselves the Elliott Wave training program that Everyone has been looking for.

What Makes Our Program Different?

In order to create the most comprehensive Elliott wave training for traders we designed a new approach from the ground up.    Key elements of our program are:

  • We start by developing expectations of what we achieve by counting waves.  It is easier to absorb all of the complexities and exceptions which make up wave theory when we understand why we are going about it.
  • We go forward with a clear road map to understand all the keys to learning the use of Elliott waves in trading.
  • The dry rules of Elliott wave must be learned.  However, they’re insufficient to create a comprehensive analysis and certainly insufficient to trade.   So we make sure to develop a comprehensive understanding of all wave types.  This includes wave rules, common tendencies, confirming technical indicators, and development of insights which will help you to correctly identify wave structures.
  • Over the years we have discovered dozens of tips and tricks for counting waves properly and we present them as we discuss how to put all of our knowledge together and create a wave count.
  • We discuss what to do when wave counts are wrong.  Like any method of analysis we have to acknowledge that markets don’t always do what we anticipate.   But we go a step further and discuss specific approaches for what to do next.
  • Knowing the wave count is different from knowing high probability trade entries, so we have to shift gears and identify specific strategies for finding and managing trades.

These are just some examples of the unique elements of our approach.  All of the pieces have been designed to work together to help you develop the most comprehensive understanding of Elliott waves available from any program.

The Pilot Course

The online version of the course will be offered online with sessions held  Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM Eastern beginning October 25, 2011 and continuing for a MINIMUM of 15 sessions.  Because this will be our first time offering this material in this format we can’t be exactly sure what pace will be required.  However, we are committed to delivering a successful program and will continue the weekly sessions until all the material has been delivered.  All sessions will be recorded for later review.

Essential to making the course work will be small class sizes.   If our Tuesday evening course is full then we will add additional times.  If you would be interested in a different time, just contact us and let us know.   We’ll add sessions at as many times as needed to accommodate  everyone who wants to participate.

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    Perfect timing…almost. I’m retiring next Friday and will be embarking on a serious self-education program, one goal of which is to learn the theory and techniques that will allow me to use David’s and your tools to help my trading. My eventual goal is to master the material sufficiently that I can enroll in David’s chat room and justify the steep cost. I will be joining your chat room shortly also.

    The “almost” is because my wife and I are traveling to South America from Oct. 28-Nov. 20 so I’ll miss three classes. But I’m still leaning toward enrolling. Will you be recording all the Q&A as well as the instructional sessions? What tools should I have on my computer to assist in learning the material (charting programs, etc)? I use ToS and have the FW studies loaded already.

    Thanks, very exciting!

    Geoff Stuart

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      There isn’t too much you will need for the course other than a computer and a trading platform. It would be good to have a copy of FibGrid, but we will provide everything else you need. In the course we’ll be covering how to set things up properly in TOS, TradeStation, and eSignal. On other platforms we’ll be able to try and help, but these are the ones we will focus on.

      The other indicators and tools I use for wave counting will be included. Even an Elliott wave font for windows computers. I don’t know anyplace where one could even buy one of these if they wanted to, but I’ve built one and will provide it so everyone in the course can create professional looking wave charts.

      Yes, Q&A will be recorded and since I’m in chat virtually every day there will be opportunities to talk more about anything from the recorded sessions.

      Have a great trip. I look forward to seeing you in chat, and perhaps in the course.


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    How long will recorded reviews be available to students?
    Or will they be downloadable?


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