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FWTrader Indicators Now for eSignal

You asked us for our indicators on eSignal and we’ve delivered.  In the process, we’ve also become eSignal converts and use the platform for charting every day.  It is fast, reliable, and even looks good, too.

Now available on eSignal are:

  • FibGrid – our most popular (and perhaps most powerful) indicators.
  • DynaRange – a tool for anticipating support and resistance.  It works great intraday on volume charts which eSignal handles well.
  • The FW Indicator Bundle – the classic set of David Elliott’s indicators available individually or in a discount bundle.
  • Fisher Stochastics and TEMA Crossover
  • StockGrid – Like pivots on steroids.

If you want to try out the eSignal platform, they offer a free trial.   Contact Joe Bangkot and tell him that you’re with FWTrader.   Joe can be reached at 1-800-322-1353 or  He will set you up for the trial and can offer you your second month free if you decide to use the platform.   Also let us know if you’re trying out the platform and want to preview how the indicators you rely on work with eSignal.

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