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Europe Collapsing, Poor Jobs Report, Fiscal Cliff Looming: What’s Next?

Below is a free video report containing our current market outlook. It was sent to subscribers of our Elliott Squawk service on June 3, 2012 and we are now providing it to everyone for free. Because market conditions change, we update our outlook every weekday. If you find this analysis useful then you may want to consider taking a one week free trial of Elliott Squawk and receive daily updates with the latest outlook.

In addition to being longer than our usual nightly briefing, we’ve recorded this special update in higher resolution to be able to show more detailed charts. This results in a higher bandwidth video which should play on most broadband connections but may not load as smoothly as usual. If you are having trouble viewing the video online you can try one of two things:

    1. Download the video to view offline; or
    2. After pressing play, immediately press pause and let the video sit for 10 or 15 minutes to buffer the video before pressing play. This may allow for a smoother playback on lower bandwidth connections.

You need to install or upgrade Flash Player to view this content, install or upgrade by clicking here.

To download this video right-click the download link and save to your computer. You must have a suitable player for flash video such as Adobe Flash video Player.

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