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David Starr is better known as Managematics to members of the First Wave chat on ThinkOrSwim. Most use his many freely-distributed implementations of First-Wave technical studies and his regular market commentary, including timely trading insight based on Elliott Wave analysis. David's acclaimed FibGrid and DynaRange indicators are available right here on

Squawk Morning Briefing: Expiration Happy Feet

Heading into August options expiration U. S. equities have happy feet, anticipating a gap up after a choppier bullish session on Thursday. The expiration of options can exert a noticeable impact on trade and while it’s not always possible to anticipate what that impact is, there are a few things to keep in mind, […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Minimum Expecatations for A Correction

Wednesday saw the S&P 500 printing above its Monday swing high. If we treat this as the C wave of a correction then making a new high in the advance is the minimum move expected in a corrective advance from last week’s swing low. Getting a short-term read on the structure of the […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: On Track

Tuesday’s price action in U. S. equities was choppy and overlapped as expected. While that made intraday trading on Tuesday a difficult proposition, the fact that it fit our broader outlook kept our big picture scenario on track.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Discretion Is The Better Part of Valor

The bounce we are following seems to be on track. However, in the very short-term there are clues which suggest the the immediate price action might be tricky. Today seems like a good idea to just step aside and let things happen rather than actively seeking new positions.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Watching The Bounce

While today’s videos consider alternate possibilities, it appears as if we are in a bounce following a five-wave move down in U. S. equities. As we have held for some time, the important thing to watch for will be what happens in this first bounce so we’ll we watching closely for clues about the […]

Don’t Get Fooled By Options Probabilities

Lately I have been seeing more and more newsletter authors beginning to offer options advice.  Often I find them advocating a trade by suggesting it is likely to succeed because it has a certain probability of success.  If a trade is touted as having a 91.3% chance of success it might seem attractive, but are […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Geopolitical Jolt

Overnight futures reacted swiftly to the authorization for air strikes in Iraq, a move that has been already erased this morning. There were clues that the selling was overdone, crude oil and gold both rallied on the news but not nearly to the extent one would expect if there was real worry about a […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Risk To The Upside

We have been looking for the start of a bounce even though it might just be a counter-trend retracement. It is possible that Wednesday’s low in U. S. equities represents that low and the bounce is ongoing but it is premature to conclude that the low is in. Nevertheless, at this point we […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Reaching For Support?

It appears as if Tuesday’s action brought the fifth wave we were looking for. More downside is still possible as U. S. equities reach for support but once a fifth wave is complete we would expect to see some sort of a bounce.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Five Down?

While still unconfirmed, it appears as if we might be closing in on five waves down from the all-time high in the S&P 500. If so, that would set up a bounce and the nature of any bounce would likely tell the story of the near-term trend.