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David Starr is better known as Managematics to members of the First Wave chat on ThinkOrSwim. Most use his many freely-distributed implementations of First-Wave technical studies and his regular market commentary, including timely trading insight based on Elliott Wave analysis. David's acclaimed FibGrid and DynaRange indicators are available right here on

Squawk Morning Briefing: Is A Bounce Due?

As the decline in U. S. equities continues to take on more of an impulsive appearance, our attention turns to the question of how far it might travel before we see a bounce.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Unmistakable Signs

Thursday brought the unmistakable characteristics of a third wave which we were looking for to increase the odds that the week-long decline we’ve been tracking in U. S. equities could be the start of something bigger. That outcome is now more likely, although it is not yet confirmed. Today’s videos discuss what we […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Questions About The Selling

The DJIA closed down yesterday while the NASDAQ 100 was positive and the S&P 500 was nearly flat. Divergent action near a reversal isn’t a concern, but the wild intraday swings are. If a significant top in the S&P 500 has been struck then we would like to count the decline as currently […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Scenarios Ahead of News

Long-time subscribers may recall that we often talk about how markets tend to leave options open ahead of important news. Today is another example of how that can happen. U. S. equities have left themselves in a situation where they could turn be in the start of a third wave down today, but […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Market Moving Events

Tomorrow brings our first look at Q2 GDP as well as a policy announcement from the FOMC. Then on Friday we receive the Non-Farm Payroll Report for July. Along the way we have a number of other economic reports and earnings releases. Overall, there are a lot of things which could move […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Shifting Gears

As we point out in today’s videos, one doesn’t like to shift from fifth to reverse. We have been identifying increased risk in the to ongoing bullish case suggesting we were closing in on some kind of topping action. That is not to say that it is clear for all bears to come […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Topping Action

In addition to the tired trend we commented on yesterday, we are seeing more action that is often typical of topping processes. That said, there is no clear sign that a top is in place. By default we still have to assume the trend is up, but risk of downside seems to be […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Tired Trend?

There are some elements of the trend which are starting to look tired? Does that mean that the run is over for U. S. Equities? Let’s take a look in today’s videos.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Minimum Objectives Achieved

We have been holding out for a new all-time high in the S&P 500 and finally achieved it on Tuesday. They say that once a person achieves their goals they can become a bit aimless. While we hope to avoid that fate, in the very short-term the patterns remain unclear but we try […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Move Higher Remains on Track

For the last couple of weeks we have been anticipating a move higher in U. S. equities. While there are still multiple possible paths discussed in today’s videos, Monday’s action increases the likelihood of an upside resolution.