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Squawk Evening Update: Subtle Changes

A few things seemed to go along with our expectations published this morning.  We suggested that a fifth wave in the Euro would likely still subdivide upward and, indeed, we continued to see new highs.  We also suggested that if bonds were going to falter that they would need to get moving.  They put in […]

Squawk Evening Update: Nothing to See Here

Thumbnail : Squawk Evening Update: Nothing to See Here

Markets continued to chop in a “wait and see” hesitation mode on Wednesday.  Sometimes this sort of chop, and the wave structure it contains’ adds critical information to inform our wave count.  In this case, it did not.  And since there’s little information in the internal structure, and we were in an uncertain place to […]

Squawk Evening Update: More S&P Brinksmanship

Our recap will be short and sweet this evening.  The Dow rising right into an anticipated target area means that we don’t need to do too much discussion other than to note that the rise doesn’t necessarily count out to a perfect five, nor is the subsequent decline unambiguous.  The same rise in the S&P […]

Is that a wrap?

Markets made good on the promise of higher prices made by overnight futures and we had an impressive push upward from the open this morning.  This may well have been the push the market needed to complete five waves up.  Once five waves are complete, a pullback is called for, whether or not it’s the […]

A “Shanghai Duo” on the Weekly Bonds

Thumbnail : A “Shanghai Duo” on the Weekly Bonds

The “Red Candel High” on the daily chart above is signaling a significant high is in on bonds. The Weekly chart also shows a “RCH” which for those familiar with candle patterns (more specifially a “Hanging Man” denoted by a long wick and  a close near bottom of the candle)  is a bearish indicator. The  “hanging man” on the weekly […]

Some Stormy Waves Today

Thumbnail : Some Stormy Waves Today

The market showed quite a bit of volatility today. After opening early to the upside, it traded rather flat in anticipation of the Consumer Sentiment Report which was released at 9:55, The report sold the market off rapidly to below the previous low of Wedneday, but immediately reversed with Ben Bernakes speech  which began at 10:00 and ended up […]

The last day of the Dow 10,000 Party

The pre-market economic news caused the Dow to open down for the first 30 minutes this morning to a new low for the week. However, it recoverd quickly for the rest of the day.
The wave count suggests that the morning lows were the completion of wave i of (iii) . The remainder of the day […]

A New “Stress Free” Trading Strategy

Thumbnail : A New “Stress Free” Trading Strategy

After spending an incredible amount of hours, counting waves, writing coded studies,  studying studies and reading and listening and learning we have finally developed the perfect trading strategy for trading in the Futures Market. It is guaranteed to reduce your stress level and only requires about 30 minutes of  your time during the  day. (Tongue in […]

ZN Can Count as Complete

Thumbnail : ZN Can Count as Complete

For our Evening Update, we would like to feature the Ten Year Treasurey Note Futures, ZN.
We have been watching the bonds closely but have not commented on them. Today we are taking a look at the weekly and the daily.
In looking at the weekly chart in another post, we traced back the ZN to June […]

We Rock!

If we’re just going off of this morning’s calls, we rock.  The Dow reversed from the 50 day SMA just as we suggested it might just as the EURUSD decided it needed to put in a better looking five-wave decline to complete in [5] as it revisited the FibGrid fireline.  2-for-2.  However, we need to […]

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