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ZN Can Count as Complete

Thumbnail : ZN Can Count as Complete

For our Evening Update, we would like to feature the Ten Year Treasurey Note Futures, ZN.
We have been watching the bonds closely but have not commented on them. Today we are taking a look at the weekly and the daily.
In looking at the weekly chart in another post, we traced back the ZN to June […]

Are Bonds Topping?

Thumbnail : Are Bonds Topping?


In order to have an understanding of our current count on the  Ten Year Bond, we believe it is most helpful to begin with the weekly chart side by side with the Dow Weekly as a comparison to the current wave count. 
We first want to start with the June 2007 lows that we have labled […]

Just Sitting Here in Limbo

Thumbnail : Just Sitting Here in Limbo

Futures have already spiked below Tuesday’s lows on news this morning, and seem to be holding below these levels. So perhaps it’s premature to speculate that we need to wait too long for confimration that our continued decline is imminent. Just be aware that in the Dow our next decline should complete a slightly larger degree 5 waves down leading to a larger correction before resuming the downtrend. An expected bounce notwithstanding, three waves up and five waves down builds confidence to our broader view.

Catching It’s breath

Thumbnail : Catching It’s breath

One of the fascinating facets of Elliott wave studies is that it is paints a picture by numbers of the sentiment of investors in the market. With the realease of every new government report it seems to put in an actionary wave. The YM  chart above displays the characteristics of the impulse waves  to the downside.
Counting […]

Air Pockets Ahead

Thumbnail : Air Pockets Ahead

 The Dow ran right to our target range and reversed.  The top itself was unconvincing, but the subsequent action has been decisively lower.  Even with the foreknowledge  that we have a habbit for calling the end of second waves too soon, we’re saying it yet again, it’s time to fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a bumpy ride.  Overnight […]

We Rock!

If we’re just going off of this morning’s calls, we rock.  The Dow reversed from the 50 day SMA just as we suggested it might just as the EURUSD decided it needed to put in a better looking five-wave decline to complete in [5] as it revisited the FibGrid fireline.  2-for-2.  However, we need to […]

The Overnite YM

Thumbnail : The Overnite YM

The YM bears a close watch right now. It appears that the [a] and [b] waves of ii are in place.
Right now on the hourly chart , we are at the 38% retracement level and the hourly 55, which I mentioned yesterday as a possible area to look for as the end of wave ii.  […]

To everything: turn, turn, turn…

Thumbnail : To everything: turn, turn, turn…

The Squawk’s most likely wave count continues to show U.S. equity markets in a primary wave [3] down.  While third waves are known as particularly rambunctious, this one has remained mired in various degrees of first wave downward action and upward second wave correction.  While Friday’s mid-day bounce is likely yet another small degree second […]

An Elliott Squawk Update

Thumbnail : An Elliott Squawk Update


The Elliott Wave Lineup

Thumbnail : The Elliott Wave Lineup
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