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Squawk Morning Briefing: Nothing Obvious

While it remains possible that a high is in place for U. S. equities, so far there is no obvious sign that this is the case. With other realistic possibilities that would have us continuing upward it is too early to conclude that a top is here even though current trading activity continues to […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Curve Ball

Tuesday’s action in U. S. equities was a bit of a surprise throwing us for a bit of a loop. Today we regroup and consider the possible scenarios to explain it.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Mostly Unchanged

Monday’s action in U. S. equities is in-line with our expectations so today’s videos refine the scenarios we’ve been watching but leave the big picture unchanged.

Squawk Morning Briefing: New Highs On Deck

On Friday we highlighted how the reaction to the jobs number would likely clear up the direction and it did just that. In the cash markets the S&P 500 completed a small five wave move down that we had been looking for. We had suggested that after five waves down the nature of […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Multiple Possible Outcomes

The reaction to today’s BLS Non-Farm Payroll report will likely tell us what we need to know short-term. As we discussed yesterday, the market likes to leave itself in a situation where it can go either way on news but we review which moves will give us clues to the overall direction so that […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: What’s Next For The Euro

Just as we prepare to publish the ECB came in with a modest rate decrease rates even closer to zero. This is weighing on the currency and the upcoming press conference can also have an impact. Once the dust settles from this morning’s events we may have a better clue which of the […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Topping Action Again?

The pattern into yesterday’s new all-time high in large cap U. S. equities is not clear and it’s possible to interpret it in many ways. While this leads to multiple different scenarios which we discuss in today’s videos, it looks to us like the sort of action which precedes tops even if we have […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: New Look For New Week

Volume may return to markets this week as traders settle back in from the end of Summer. We also get a return of economic news flow this week, culminating in the BLS Non-Farm Payroll report on Friday. So there are clear catalysts this week to move the market. We enter this week […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: At Least A Little More Up

The S&P 500’s move down from earlier in the week looks corrective. Therefore, we are expecting at least another move higher at some point whether it comes from current levels or slightly lower if the correction isn’t yet complete. How much higher is addressed in today’s videos.
Monday is a market holiday. We […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Questions Answered?

Yesterday we questioned when we might see a correction suitable to be a fourth wave in the advance of U. S. equities. With futures trading off this morning it looks like we might finally have an answer. So long as prices continue to meet the expectations laid out in today’s videos we still […]

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