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Squawk Morning Briefing: When Will Equities Correct?

We still expect any move down in U. S. equities to be just a correction at this point. It is possible that such a correction is in progress now, or not but whenever it comes we would still expect new highs.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Still Higher

U. S. equities continued higher on Monday, but not yet high enough for the DJIA to print above July highs. That, in addition to the fact that the move up from August lows still looks incomplete has us looking higher. How much higher is addressed in today’s videos.

Squawk Morning Briefing: DJIA Playing Catch Up

Last Thursday the S&P 500 made new all-time highs by exceeding its July peak but this feat was not matched by the DJIA. Overnight the ES futures went further beyond that Thursday level to fresh new highs, suggesting that if bullishness extends into the open that we will again see fresh highs in the […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Fresh All-Time Highs

Thursday saw the S&P 500 take out July highs and make fresh all-time highs. Yesterday we talked about how we would track this move going forward as it doesn’t yet look complete. Today’s videos recap the plan and follow-up based on the most recent price action.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Stalking All-Time Highs

The ES futures have taken out their July high. The cash S&P 500 hasn’t yet followed but they probed awfully close on Wednesday, raising the chance that we are not yet done to the upside. Today we go into more detail on what a move to new all-time highs would look like and […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: You Be The Judge

The S&P 500 Continued its move higher on Tuesday, climbing even closer to its all-time high. We are reaching the spot where prices need to turn down rather soon in order to maintain any sort of bearish view. Will they turn down? There are arguments both for and against but we lay […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Closing in on All-Time Highs

The S&P 500 climbed further on Monday reaching even closer to all-time highs struck last month. The closer we get, the greater the chance we exceed them, yet there are still scenarios that have us turning down especially if it comes from near current levels. We consider the scenarios in today’s videos.

Squawk Morning Briefing: We’ve Got Issues

Friday’s late morning sell-off was dramatic, sharp, and originated from levels that would suggest a completed correction. However, it wasn’t the clear five-wave move we would have preferred in order confidently believe that a downtrend had resumed. That leaves us with issues that both bulls and bears need to contend with this morning. […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Expiration Happy Feet

Heading into August options expiration U. S. equities have happy feet, anticipating a gap up after a choppier bullish session on Thursday. The expiration of options can exert a noticeable impact on trade and while it’s not always possible to anticipate what that impact is, there are a few things to keep in mind, […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Minimum Expecatations for A Correction

Wednesday saw the S&P 500 printing above its Monday swing high. If we treat this as the C wave of a correction then making a new high in the advance is the minimum move expected in a corrective advance from last week’s swing low. Getting a short-term read on the structure of the […]

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