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Squawk Morning Briefing: Updating Scenarios

Nothing on Tuesday changes our outlook which expects to eventually see higher prices in U. S. equities. However, there are still many scenarios of how we could get there and it isn’t clear whether any move higher has begun yet or not. Today’s videos update our scenarios for the most likely paths and […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Pop To Resistance

Monday saw range expand on an opening move upward. At the same time, that move took prices right into a possible resistance area we were looking at and price stayed in that region for the remainder of the day. Today’s videos update the various scenarios we’ve been tracking to account for that move.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Conflicted Action

Friday’s action gave some signals which could be interpreted as conflicted. We some some additional upside in the move up from last week’s low but that move up was relatively muted. The tepid advance is a warning that the low might not represent a completed correction. Today’s video updates the possibilities and […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Support Maintained

Thursday morning we appeared ready to open near important support. It looks like that support was maintained so today we look at the implications that has for the broader outlook.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Risk Off Morning

It is looking like a risk off kind off kind of morning. Precious metals and treasuries are catching a bid, but most other assets are being sold hard. Grains are an exception, recovering a bit from a thrashing on Wednesday.
Today’s videos put the decline in context of the scenarios we’ve been watching and […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Shifting Gears

Tuesday’s continuation to the downside broke short-term support levels we had been watching. However, long-term support remains intact and the wave structure of the short-term moves remains ambiguous. Today’s video talks about how to reconcile the short-term with the longer-term in this type of situation.

Squawk Morning Briefing: No Change Yet Ahead Of Earnings

As we put holiday trading behind us we are beginning the second quarter earning season. Into that environment, there’s still not much change to the outlook for U. S. equities. The dominant trend still remains up, but markets look like might be close to being stretched too far. Today’s videos update our […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Back To Work

Last week saw bullish activity in U. S. equities continue until the very last minutes of Thursday’s holiday-shortened session. Futures are off slightly this morning but it remains too early to tell whether that is a sign of some moderation in bullishness. Today’s videos discuss what we’ll be watching.

Squawk Morning Briefing: Nothing Changed Ahead Of news

Wednesday was a notably dull day in markets with very little movement. Today’s ECB rate announcement, subsequent press conference, and the BLS non-farm payroll report may breath some life into a pre-holiday half day of trading which would otherwise be expected to be rather quiet. Wednesday’s muted action did nothing to alter our […]

Squawk Morning Briefing: Don’t Put Off ‘Til Tomorrow…

Our expectation has been for the move up April to continue higher. That main question we have been focusing on is when it might turn back up and from what levels. Tuesday’s action answered those questions letting us know that the market was eager to get things rolling. The move up still […]

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