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Make Your Fisher Chart Look Like FW’s

Thumbnail : Make Your Fisher Chart Look Like FW’s

FW has changed his fisher chart to remove lines and signals he finds distracting.  If you want to make you study look like the ones that FW shows in shared chat and in the E-Mini Room, go into Edit Studies and go to each of the plot tabs highlighted by a red box and then […]

Understanding DynaRange

Thumbnail : Understanding DynaRange

We receive more questions about how to interpret DynaRange than any other indicator.  Perhaps that’s because it doesn’t really work like any other indicator that traders have experienced before.  So if you’ve had questions about DynaRange, read on.  By the end you will know the answer to these frequent questions:

What is the best timeframe to […]

A Reliable Way to Set Grid Section for TOS

Thumbnail : A Reliable Way to Set Grid Section for TOS

Usually it is pretty straightforward to find the right grid section on TOS, but sometimes it’s elusive and hard to figure out where the grid is relative to price.  Here is a technique that will reliably allow you to figure out the right grid section every time.  It may have a few steps, but it […]

FibGrid Settings for TOS

Note: Updated February 26, 2012 to include FibGrid 3.2 settings
FibGrid 3.0 introduces some new configuration parameters that permit the use of FibGrid with symbols that wouldn’t work with previous version and to have a greater degree of control and tuning of  how grids are displayed for all symbols.  This guide is designed to explain the […]

Elliott Wave Labeling

Thumbnail : Elliott Wave Labeling
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